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Tuesday , June 17 , 2014
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Dear Dragon!

Man-candy: Kit Harington’s Eret, a dragon trapper-turned-friend provides the eye-candy for the women. The scenes where Ruffnut, Hiccup’s friend, is crushing on Eret or flirting with him are howlarious, whether it is her admiring his ample biceps instead of keeping a lookout as she is supposed to or just plain creeping him out by staring.

Toothless grows a spine: HTTYD 2 is essentially a coming-of-age film, not just for Hiccup but also for Toothless. Just like Hiccup discovers things about him that, one day would make him a great chief, Toothless also discovers things about himself, for example that he had a special spine. His delight and pride at his new accomplishment had everyone chuckling in the movie hall.

Dragon racing: The film opens with a dragon race in progress in the village of Berk. Not only does the scene reintroduce us to the ragtag bunch we fell in love with in the first movie it also highlights the way life has changed in the village after they made peace with the dragons, from having proper dragon stables to a very effective fire-fighting system.

Itchy Armpit: The film’s star duo Hiccup and his Night Fury, Toothless, are busy practising their solo flight and charting new territories. When Hiccup starts adding a newly discovered place to his map and asks Toothless what they should call it, the dragon just scratches his armpit and the place is named Itchy Armpit. The scene is a peek into the bond they share.

Dragon island: Hiccup and Toothless are kidnapped and brought to a place, a nest for dragons created by shards of green ice, where they not only meet a lot of dragons — the entire brood taking flight made for a very colourful and breathtaking scene — but Hiccup also meets his long-lost mother.

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