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| Sunday, June 15, 2014 |


Vintage winners

Classic and vintage car prices are soaring and new buyers are joining the veterans for an on-the-road buying spree, says Saimi Sattar | Read»

Best foot forward

John Abraham is promoting the 2014 World Cup for Sony Six and getting ready to play legendary footballer Shibdas Bhaduri next, says Lubna Salim | Read»

Arty haven

The south Delhi home of contemporary artists Mithu Sen and Samit Das has a flamboyant and distinctive look, says Saimi Sattar | Read»

Down Under winner

Australian cuisine has undergone a metamorphosis and is a delicious amalgamation of various culinary influences, says Rahul Verma | Read»

Skye is the limit

Rolling hills, beautiful lochs, white beaches and remote castles create magic in the Isle of Skye, says Arundhati Basu | Read»

Music on call

Bose and Plantronics are offering smarter headphones that can take calls smoothly, says Tushar Kanwar | Read»

King of the kitchen

Earning a Michelin star less than a year after launching his restaurant was an extraordinary milestone in chef and TV presenter Vikas Khanna's culinary career | Read»