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Wednesday , June 11 , 2014
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Rudy thanks RSS

New Delhi, June 10: Rajiv Pratap Rudy today thanked the RSS in the Lok Sabha for the landslide BJP win and a Shiv Sena member spoke of the “saffron flag fluttering from the Red Fort”, undercutting Narendra Modi’s efforts to keep the focus firmly on development.

Rudy’s remark evoked feeble murmurs of discomfort from the Opposition but Pratap Rao Jadhav’s prompted a rush to the well, led by Trinamul. The Chair said the remark would be expunged if found un-parliamentary.

Demands for an immediate ruling led to a 20-minute adjournment. Jadhav refused to recant, arguing the first strip in the Tricolour was saffron too. Later, the Sena’s Anant Geete clarified that Jadhav had not meant to denigrate the national flag and had merely mentioned a party slogan.

Modi was present during Rudy’s remark but not during Jadhav’s. “Why shouldn’t we remember those who have made this victory possible? They (the RSS) never put themselves at the front but we give credit,” Rudy said in remarks being seen as part of efforts to gain a ministry berth.

Officially, the RSS claims to be apolitical and BJP leaders rarely acknowledge its role in party affairs so openly and on such hallowed precincts.