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Monday , June 9 , 2014
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I’m human, I make mistakes: Kejriwal

New Delhi, June 8: Arvind Kejriwal today said he was human and promised to rectify mistakes, in an attempt to put a lid on the open bickering among his party’s top leaders.

He also proposed a restructuring of the Aam Aadmi Party Party from the booth to the national level.

“Yogendra Yadav is my elder brother, he can scold me and slap me if I get off track. I am human and can make mistakes,” Kejriwal said, acknowledging that the party ideologue had raised valid issues and promising to take corrective steps.

Yadav, who had resigned from all party posts and accused Kejriwal of “building a personality cult”, appeared to have been won over.

“My party has appreciated the issues raised by me. Arvind Kejriwal acknowledged the issues raised by me and called them healthy,” Yadav said. The party rejected his resignation.

But there was no clarity on Shazia Ilmi, who has quit the party citing lack of internal democracy. Kejriwal had yesterday said he would try to get her back.

Sources said Kejriwal had spoken to her over the phone and the issues raised by her had been discussed at the party meeting. Ilmi is learnt to be away from Delhi and a clear picture would emerge once she returns. Her phones were switched off today.

In a bid to rejuvenate the demoralised party cadre, Kejriwal said a total rehaul would be taken up. “All the committees from the booth to the national level would be reconstituted. People from all sections of the society would be welcomed in the party,” he said.

AAP insiders said this was aimed at staving off Yadav’s allegation of a “personality cult”. In the new committee, Kejriwal would be in charge of Delhi and other leaders would be tasked to lead states outside Delhi. Ten new members have been inducted in the national executive to underline that the “Arvind coterie” would not dictate terms.

The AAP chief hoped the changes would rejuvenate the party and put it in a position to emerge as the principal Opposition to the BJP. Claiming the Congress was not in a position to provide leadership to the country, he sought to downplay the AAP’s dismal performance in the Lok Sabha elections. That the party secured more than one crore votes augurs well for the future, Kejriwal felt.

“Our party won 1 crore 13 lakh votes in an election centred around a person. This shows that people have lot of expectations from us,” he said. The AAP had fielded 430 candidates but won only four seats from Punjab.

Kejriwal congratulated Narendra Modi and hoped he would fulfil the aspirations of the people. At the same time, he appealed to the Prime Minister not to increase gas prices.