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Saturday , June 7 , 2014

The language of difference

Watching Queen Elizabeth riding in her glittering new Jubilee Coach, whose workmanship blends tradition with modernity, to open parliament, it occurred to me that a missing detail might have further enriched the ancient ritual. I know nothing of the man who claims to be “Baron Sinha of Raipur in the...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Rest in peace
Sir — The football world cup is about to start in Brazil in a few days’ time (“Indian fans and t ...  | Read.. 
Stay wired
Sir — This is the era of telecommunications. A revolution has taken place in this sector in India a ...  | Read.. 
Cut costs
Sir — A national law should be passed to impose restrictions on wedding expenditures as well as on ...  | Read.. 


Narendra Modi’s coming to the top job in India is imbued with expectations. These expectations are all to do with change. Lar...   | Read..
Rediscovering the musical soul
The stage was overflowing with music. He came, touched the strings and conquered the hearts of his audience. At a recent programme in G.D. Birla Sabhagar, Amaan Ali Khan prove...  | Read.. 
Uncommon approach
Three recent solo shows gave us glimpses of uncommon acting styles. Padatik’s A Woman Alone illustrates the satirical thrust of Franca Rame and Dario Fo. The monologist...  | Read.. 
The success of novel ideas
Indian classical dance needs rigorous training and practice. It has strict rhythms that one must master in order to be a commendable dancer. Young learners get bored with rout...  | Read.. 
Sycophancy, thy name is disaster
Sonia-ji, The people’s verdict is out. Your party has suffered a staggering defeat; worst ever in its tumultuous history. ...  | Read.. 
Say Bazonka every day/ That’s what my grandma used to say/ It keeps at bay the Asian Flu’/ And both your elbows free from glue./ So say Bazonka every day/ (That’s what my grandma used to say)/ Don’t say it if your socks are dry!/ Or when the sun is in your eye!/ Never say it in the dark/ (The word you see emits a spark)/ Only say it in the day/ (That’s what my grandma used to say). — SPIKE MILLIGAN