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Friday , June 6 , 2014

Paradise lost

Gadiara, a picturesque, sleepy hamlet on the banks of Roopnarayan, was once the most popular weekend getaway for people in Calcutta and neighbouring districts. Visitors arrived at the sleepy hamlet in cars or by buses, spent a day at the riverside an...  | Read.. 
A multi-faceted talent
On entering the house, one is struck by the abstract sculptures fixed on the walls and above the doors. A wind chime designed ...  | Read.. 
Auto training for traffic police
The college campus was swarming with uniformed police personnel for five days. One would have thought there was a law and ord ...  | Read.. 
A shower and knee-deep water
People living in and around Ramrajatala bus stand have reason to worry whenever the skies open up. A few minutes of rain is e ...  | Read.. 
Colourful collage
They have learnt the basics of Indian classical dance and it was time for them to show on stage what they had learnt so far. ...  | Read.. 
On the banks of Roopnarayan river at Gadiara