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Wednesday , June 4 , 2014
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Juhi works her magic

When the Knights play, she is a devoted supporter. When they were felicitated on Tuesday, she became “one of the workers”, ensuring better photo ops for everyone.

Juhi Chawla was in her elements on the dais at the Eden Gardens though all the screaming at the final had robbed her of her voice. “I actually don’t scream, but that day, involuntary screams happened…,” the KKR co-owner told Metro in between sips of warm water with honey at ITC Sonar’s Darjeeling Lounge.

For Juhi, the Eden event was the party she had looked forward to. “The party at night is not important (for me). This is. The first time I saw it (in 2012), I was overwhelmed with the response… the way everybody waited at Eden patiently. Even today, they were like there for three-four hours just to see this happen. When it happens, it is special for us as well. The happy moment when you make everybody proud of their team,” she smiled.

“When you win the cup and bring it back to Calcutta, the kind of support and fan following you see here, you feel you owe it to them. This is the least the team can do… get the cup back here. This is what they deserve.”

Juhi made sure everyone else enjoyed the party too. “I was realising it’s an open area and people want to be close… if the photographers don’t have a clear view, the pictures don’t come out right…. My mind starts working like that… I want to tell people, ‘Stand that way, the cameras are there… so that they can get that little moment correctly. Nahin toh sab garbar ho jayega… it will look like one khichdi. I was just trying to help … I had become one of the workers there,” said Juhi, who broke into a jig to Usha Uthup’s live rendition of Uri uri baba at the stadium.

The party, however, started with “a small firing” from chief minister Mamata Banerjee, who was “a little upset” because the event was delayed. “I was ‘Oh! Shah Rukh (Khan) teri vajah se hum ko daant par rahi hai!’” laughed Juhi. “… she (Mamata) is like a teacher and a didi”.

Her message for Didi: “I was telling her… baar baar leke ayenge”.