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Monday , May 26 , 2014
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Painless mayoral poll for students

The district election office has undertaken a rigorous logistics exercise before Ranchi mayoral polls on June 23 to avert commuting hassles for citizens, especially school-goers.

June 23, a Monday, will be a holiday in the capital for all establishments, including schools, giving capital residents a worry-free extended weekend.

For starters, the district election office will pick school buses required for election duty on the evening of June 20, a Friday, and release them by June 23 after polls to spare students and their parents any commuting hassle.

Effectively, if schools don’t have buses from Friday to Monday evening, it would not hamper children and their parents.

Secondly, district election officer and Ranchi deputy commissioner Vinay Kumar Choubey said their vehicular requirement for mayoral polls would be very less.

“Some 200 vehicles will be required, of which 150 will be school buses and the rest city buses,” Choubey told The Telegraph on Sunday. Considering that some 550 school buses operate in the city, the poll requirement of 150 seems modest.

Initially, the election was supposed to be held on June 26, but Choubey added they zeroed in on June 23 as the date after looking at all aspects.

“We had rounds of meetings exclusively on bus procurement and the resultant disturbance to schools. Had it been June 26, a Thursday, buses would have been pulled out for election duty during weekdays and schools would have been actually disturbed,” Choubey said.

He added they were working on a list of schools open on Saturdays as well. “We will either cut back on number of buses or will request schools that are open on Saturdays to manage for a day,” he said.

Asked if private buses would be used for mayoral poll, he said: “We have not kept out any option. But, our twin priorities remain smooth election procedure and a hassle-free experience for citizens.”

On voter list revision, Choubey said 14,000 names were added. “I am pleasantly surprised that between April 25 and May 5, when voter list was published, not a single person across Ranchi’s 55 wards came up with any objection,” Choubey smiled.