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Saturday , May 24 , 2014
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Tourists stuck

May 23: A nationwide curfew was imposed across Thailand yesterday emptying city streets of their population, closing down bars, businesses and restaurants and forcing tens of thousands at tourist resorts across the country to remain in their hotels.

The dramatic move followed the Thai military’s declaration of martial law, defying international pressure by taking over a civilian government which was entrenched in political deadlock.

Tourists arriving in the country from Britain and elsewhere were greeted by fleets of vehicles commandeered to ferry visitors after the 10pm start of the curfew between airports and hotels.

The foreign office warned tourists travelling to the country that they needed to be vigilant as there was an increased risk of trouble. There was no extension of the list recommended no-go zones within Thailand. “There is a risk of a violent reaction to the army’s announcement. We recommend that you exercise extreme caution to the situation,” the advisory said.