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Thursday , May 22 , 2014
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Kejriwal clutches at jail straw

Arvind Kejriwal today refused an innocuous bail bond in a defamation case by BJP leader Nitin Gadkari and landed in Tihar jail, the act seen as a desperate move to shore up his depleted political stock....   | Read..

Opposition with weakest voice

The robust majority Narendra Modi has in the Lok Sabha comes with an additional advantage — a terribly weak Opposition, which may not be ideal for a healthy democra...   | Read..

Vaiko objects to Lanka invite

Narendra Modi’s first move as Prime Minister-elect — to invite leaders of Saarc countries to his swearing-in on Monday — has been opposed by one of his...   | Read..

Parents send baby on parasailing ‘adventure’

A young couple today fastened their 11-month-old daughter to the seat of a parachute and watched as it soared 100ft into the air, the terrified infant wailing all through...   | Read..

EC echoes count fears

The Election Commission today admitted in the Supreme Court having received complaints from voters that counting based on polling booths/units led to detection and posed ...   | Read..
Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe follows only three people on Twitter: his outspoken wife, a scandal-tainted politician and Narendra Modi. ...  | Read
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bullet Blast arrests
bullet Astrology PIL
bullet Talking ATMs
bullet Gold dumped

Muslim League finger at Rahul

Congress ally Muslim League has hit out at Rahul Gandhi, saying his “one-man show” ...   | Read..

‘Struggle’ on lips, Rahul thanks Amethi

Rahul Gandhi returned to Amethi for the first time today since he survived a scare in his heart...   | Read..

Pizza, delivered by drone

It’s a bird…. It’s a plane…. No, it’s a flying pizza....   | Read..

Trips to Pak, China borders on Modi menu

The defence establishment is understood to have been sounded for a visit by Narendra Modi to the borders with Pakistan a...   | Read..

Babus on toes, in ‘rehearsal’ mode

The bureaucracy and the security establishment appear to have modified the way they work even before the new government ...   | Read..

‘Iron lady’ succeeds Modi, sheds tears too

Narendra Modi today stepped down as Gujarat chief minister after more than a dozen years at the helm and his confidante ...   | Read..

Election won, time for exam

Young doctors Heena Gavit and Shrikant Shinde have just become Maharashtra MPs but they can hardly prescribe themselves ...   | Read..

Weight outweighs genes as diabetes risk factor

Excess weight is a greater risk factor for diabetes than genes associated with the disease, a large international study ...   | Read..