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Saturday , May 17 , 2014
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Aroma of win from Shotgun house

The mouth-watering aroma of fish curry could be smelt from the road outside film star Shatrughan Sinha’s house in Kadamkuan on Friday.

The Patna Sahib candidate’s victory was in the air, so to say. He was meeting his better half, Poonam Sinha — she was away on pilgrimage, he was busy campaigning — after almost a month and the actor-turned-politician’s grand victory from Pataliputra constituency was being celebrated with rice, fish, alu ki bhujia (roasted potato) and parwal ki sabzi (a dish made from pointed gourd).

Poonam said: “Mr Sinha is a Bihari foodie and likes dishes from Bihar. Moreover, fish is considered auspicious.”

Poonam returned from Badrinath only this afternoon. She termed the results a “great and grand victory” for the BJP. “When corruption is too much and people go against nature, big change comes and God himself has to come down from the heavens to show that things should not be tolerated. The people of India have proven that,” she said.

Poonam was on a pilgrimage of 12 places but could not visit Kedarnath due to snowstorm there. She put it down to “God’s will”, saying the almighty might have wanted to see her with Shatrughan after his victory.

Shatrughan, too, was content with the win. “Nothing succeeds like success. The credit goes to the BJP’s leadership, parliamentary board and our dear friend and BJP president Rajnath Singh for bringing an able, acceptable, dabangg (strong) and action hero Narendra Modi as the prime ministerial candidate. Besides, the UPA’s failure, misgovernance, price rise, corruption and poor leadership is also behind BJP’s performance.”

Asked if he would be seen in the cabinet, he said: “I won’t demand it. It is the special right and if with the RSS’ blessings I am considered deserving, I would be there. However, I have been cabinet minister and held two very important portfolios in the previous BJP government under Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji. I was the cabinet minister of health and family welfare and later on cabinet minister of shipping.” He had said he would surpass his own record and that has happened for which he thanked the “superstars”, the people of Patna.

About Nitish Kumar, he said: “It was his decision which he took in his own wisdom and I cannot challenge it. But his decision harmed the JD(U) and the people of Bihar.” Sinha also said things would change in a big way and for the better in Bihar.