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Friday , May 16 , 2014
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This Friday is a bit different. After weeks of painstaking campaigns, itís time to know how the star contenders of different parties have performed.

Fingers crossed, the political heavyweights have chalked out their FRENZY FRIDAY plans. Here’s how they would live the day... the day that counts

If individuals were inquisitive about what will happen on Friday, the party offices too were chalking out their course of action for R-Day

Party office: BJP

Address: 8 Beer Chand Patel Marg

Number of candidates: 30

Counting day preparations: Anticipating that the BJP would reach the magic figure of 272 seats in the Lok Sabha elections after exit poll results showed a positive trend, many BJP leaders were glued to the television set watching the oft-repeated exit polls. There were many who were talking about Friday celebrations. A BJP office-bearer said in Patna City, some enthusiastic party workers have even given orders to sweet shops to prepare sweets. Some senior state leaders were talking about the busy schedule as they have to give TV interviews from morning if the results are as expected.

Party office: RJD

Address: 2 Beer Chand Patel Marg

Number of candidates: 27

Counting day preparations: Only a handful of workers, including Chandeshwar Prasad Singh, the state office secretary could be seen at the party office on Friday during the lunch hours. The workers were busy discussing about the poll results and calculating the number of seats they were expecting to win. Most of the activities will take place at 10, Circular Road, the official residence of Lalu Prasad instead of the party office. Singh said supporters and workers would make a beeline for the residence from Friday morning.

Party office: JD(U)

Address: 149 Beer Chand Patel Marg

Number of candidates: 38

Counting day preparations: The office bore a deserted look on Thursday with a lock hanging on the state unit presidentís chamber. The conference hall and the room, where all the top leaders spend time, were also locked. The IT room, spokespersonís chamber were found open were a few workers were watching television. The man sitting in the spokespersonís room said the party has not planned anything yet because they were in a ďshock after watching the exit pollĒ.

Compiled by Roshan Kumar, Amit Bhelari and Piyush Kumar Tripathi; Pictures by Nagendra Kumar Singh