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Wednesday , May 14 , 2014

Lilo the lawless

Five years ago, I was asked to write Lindsay Lohan’s obituary. When I naively expressed surprise, the commissioning editor explained that his publication (not this one, though I gather this is universal policy) habitually kept obits on file — not just for worthies who are of advanced age...   | Read..

The Midriff is enjoying its moment in the summer sun!

Jewlie Williams, 25, a fashion stylist, was wearing a tank top and leggings and following the instructor in a 30-minute non-s...   | Read..

Their take on Take one

Mainak, don’t you think bringing in the Sita comparisons was too preachy? The constant harping on the fact that Doe...   | Read..

Jhalak Dancers

S. Sreesanth...   | Read..

Robin the knight

KKR has always been seen as one of the ‘glam’ IPL teams. What’s it like being a Knight now?...   | Read..

Tagore tribute

This was one programme that brought together children as well as grandparents. Jonmodin, organised by 91.9 Friends FM,...   | Read..

Love gives but love steals too — life tips from a romance read!

Sometimes a book gets over and you keep thinking about a character. And, sometimes it’s the author. Love is a Thief<...   | Read..

Kitchen confidentials, for aspiring chefs

Edusol presents A Career Seminar on Making a Chef, in association with IIHM (International Institute of Hotel Management...   | Read..

Club carnival

A jubilant Calcutta Swimming Club (CSC) with their Saturday Club Inter Club Sports Carnival trophy. The Strand Road club won ...   | Read..

Party by (and in) the pool at Swissotel

t2 and 91.9 Friends FM presents Maaya @ Pool...   | Read..

Bistro by the park turned three

Bistro By The Park, the bistro on Middleton Row that still greets its customers with a menu on an iPad, turned three with sty...   | Read..
HOT BOD: Thatís Ankush and Subhashree shooting a romantic number for Ashok Patiís Aami Sudhu Cheyechi Tomay in Bangkokís Kanchanaburi. ďAs far ...  | Read