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Kandy inspires helpline

Fresh from a visit to Sri Lanka, Ranchi deputy mayor Sanjeev Vijayvargiya declared on Tuesday that the civic body would soon start a one-stop grievance helpline for citizens on the lines of the one existing in the island nation.

Vijayvargiya, who had gone to Kandy, the second largest city in Sri Lanka, for a two-day conclave titled Mayor Forum for Urban Transformation held by the World Bank on May 8 and 9, said he had started brainstorming on ways to set up the call centre in Ranchi.

“During my stay there, I had the opportunity to observe the city closely. I also interacted at length with Kandy Municipal Corporation heads for suggestions and inputs. To begin with, I am planning a helpline at our secretariat on lines of Kandy,” said Vijayvargiya while speaking to a news conference at his office.

“People can register their complaints at the number and it will be addressed within a week. In case, a problem isn’t solved, a letter will be sent to the complainant, explaining the reason behind the delay,” he added.

A formal proposal will be put forward at the next board meeting.

Vijayvargiya also has a waste disposal plan for Ranchi.

“In Kandy one cannot find garbage bins on main roads. Therefore, the roads appear cleaner. If the same can be done in Ranchi and garbage collected from home is directly taken to the disposal plants instead of being dumped in bins on roads, our city will be cleaner,” he stressed.

“Also, I am planning to change the pattern of fee collection for our services. Instead of collecting fees for door-to-door garbage collection, we will assign the job to garbage takers. The collections will be his/her wages. This will encourage them to collect garbage from more houses,” he said.

There is also a proposal for a common dumping zone for three to four wards.

Mayors and officials from 10 countries, namely India, Pakistan, Nepal, Korea, Maldives, Japan and others, participated at the Mayor Forum.