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Tuesday , May 13 , 2014
CIMA Gallary

2 held for robbery, stabbing

A 20-year-old man and his lover were arrested for stabbing BSL employee Meenakshi Nayak (36) and her son and robbing her of ornaments worth Rs 1 lakh and Rs 70,000 in cash. The stolen items have been recovered.

Police sources said Bittu Kumar Sao, an acquaintance of Nayak, visited her Sector IIB home with his girlfriend on Sunday. He told Nayak that his bike had developed a snag and requested shelter for the night.

The woman agreed and also served dinner to the couple. Later in the night, Sao and his lover Rina entered Nayak’s room asked for her ATM card and pin number at dagger point.

The couple threatened to kill Nayak and her son unless she handed them the card. After procuring the card and the pin, Sao stabbed Nayak and her son multiple times.

Leaving them for dead, the couple then emptied Nayak’s wardrobe of the ornaments and fled.

On Monday, neighbours found Nayak and her son lying unconscious in a pool of blood. The two were rushed to Bokaro general hospital where Nayak gave a statement to police. Sao and his lover Rina were nabbed from near Bokaro Cooperative Colony when they were trying to escape to Pindrajora, from where Sao hails.