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Monday , May 12 , 2014
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Sahara judge cites pressure

New Delhi, May 11 (PTI): One of the Supreme Court judges hearing the Sahara case has said the “pressure” on the two-member bench was “unimaginable” in dealing with the “complicated” matter.

Sahara Group chief Subrata Roy and two directors have been in jail since March 4 for failing to abide by an apex court order to refund Rs 20,000 crore of investors’ money.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court had disapproved of Roy’s “calculated psychological offensives and mind games” while upholding its order jailing him.

“The pressure, tension and strain that both of us have undergone is unimaginable. We can’t explain it,” Justice K.S. Radhakrishnan, who retires on May 15, said at a farewell organised in Delhi by a group of lawyers.

“We are under pressure and already the pressure is reflected on my wife and family members also. So, it is that much a very complicated case. See, it is still not over. So, I can’t speak much on the Sahara matter.”

Justice Radhakrishnan has been hearing the case with Justice J.S. Khehar.

Senior lawyer Soli Sorabjee appreciated the stand taken by the bench, saying “the very fact that the bench stood its ground... and was able to withstand and resist such pressure, directly or indirectly, from any source” was admirable.

On May 6, while dismissing Roy’s petition against his detention, the court had said: “Disobedience of orders of a court strikes at the very root of the rule of law, on which the judicial system rests.”