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Monday , May 12 , 2014

Baby blanket

Neonatal jaundice affects about 60 per cent of newborn babies; the number increases to 80 per cent for pre-term infants. While deaths are rare, if left untreated neonatal jaundice may even lead to mental retardation and cerebral palsy. The only treatment is phototherapy — light in the blue spe...  | Read.. 
Baby blanket
Update it
q+a I surf the Internet on my laptop using a Beetel USB modem. I have being using it for two years, but lately the line gets disconnected often. I use Windows 7 32-bit. Secondly, whenever I open some websites I get a message in the browser sayi ...  | Read.. 
Teach kids to stay fit
Summer vacations have started. Earlier children would “go to the grandparent’s village” for a month of playing in the fresh air and ...  | Read..