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Monday , May 12 , 2014
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Unruly students face arrest heat

After hooliganism, it’s time to face the heat.

Patna police have issued arrest warrants against more than a dozen students involved in recent incidents of vandalism on college campuses.

Patna senior superintendent of police Manu Maharaaj said: “In connection with vandalism on the campus, we have identified a dozen students against whom arrest warrants have been issued.”

The SSP added that a team with the arrest warrant visited the house of a student in Gaya but “he was not there at his home”. Followed by arrest warrants, the police are also planning to move court for attachment of property against the accused students.

Sources said most of the students against whom the arrest warrants have been issued are involved in recent incidents of “ruckus and property damage” that occurred in various colleges under PU.

On April 29, boarders of Iqbal Hostel assaulted Patna University dean (students’ welfare) K.N. Paswan, who was in-charge principal of Patna College. He had gone to the hostel after a person complained that some boarders had assaulted him. The principal was then chased and beaten up by boarders. Again on May 5, law students who were protesting against the “stringent measures” taken by the administration to stop “unfair means in exams”, had assaulted Patna Science College chemistry teacher Randhir Kumar.

After the Iqbal Hostel incident, the Patna College administration constituted a committee to probe the incident. The committee has submitted its report and based on the findings, the university administration informed the police to take action against the “unruly students”.

The Patna College administration has written a letter about use of unfair means and lack of support from district administration in curbing “unfair means in examinations”.

Patna College principal N.K. Chaudhary said: “After the Friday examination at Patna College, when law students indulged in mass copying, the college administration had written a letter to the university administration informing them about the incident.”

The college in its letter had stated that students who indulged in mass copying, retorted that “use of unfair means by law examinees is there legal right” and they have been indulging in such practices earlier too.

Chaudhary added that the letter also mentions that the magistrate who was invigilating at Patna College, also pleaded his helplessness in checking the mass copying as he was capable of checking one or two students and not all.

On Friday again, the law examinees had boycotted the examination at the BN College centre because the institution had taken stringent action against unfair means. Through loudspeakers, the law students were not only asked to appear for the examination but they were also warned of stringent action if caught indulging in unfair means in the examination.

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