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Friday , May 9 , 2014
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Gujarat brains to beautify temple

Pahari Mandir in Ranchi can finally hope to don a new look.

A blueprint of an expansion project of the temple complex prepared by a Gujarat-based architect and his team was approved on Thursday by Ranchi deputy commissioner and chairman of Pahari Mandir Vikas Samiti Vinay Kumar Choubey.

The four-member team — headed by expert Manoj Trivedi — visited the capital landmark for the second time on Thursday and presented an impressive 3D PowerPoint presentation of their plan.

The proposal includes an elevator for the main temple, which is located 2,000ft above sea level with 300 steps leading to it, water harvesting system, a marriage hall and a rotation platform for a panoramic view of the city.

Construction will be done in three phases — renovation and beautification, landscaping and repairing of the approach roads and finally setting up of parks, a health centre and a shopping complex. According to Choubey, it will take almost two years to complete the project.

“The blueprint earlier drawn up by BIT-Mesra has been rejected due to some technical problems. The one presented by the team from Gujarat looks impressive and promising,” said Choubey.

Trivedi also gave a thumbs down to the proposal designed by the young architects of BIT-Mesra and pointed out the loopholes. He said that the BIT-Mesra pupils had proposed using steel, something that did not have a long life.

“Use of iron or steel is prohibited in temple construction. Apart from this, life of RCC, which the BIT-Mesra students have suggested, is also barely 100 to 150 years. In comparison, stones have a long life of almost 1,000 years,” said Trivedi, who has constructed more than 30 temples across the country.

He added that they would use red stone and marble instead.

This, however, will entail more expenditure. While BIT-Mesra students had quoted a budget of Rs 8-10 lakh, the estimate given by Trivedi & Co. is around Rs 20 lakh.

Thought the state government will sponsor a major part of the cost, a huge amount will also be raised through donation.

However, the young guns of BIT-Mesra have not been sidelined completely.

They were asked to prepare a DPR focusing on conservation and basic amenities on the new premises.

The engineers have already prepared the same and handed it over to Ranchi Municipal Corporation. Now, CEO Manoj Kumar will go through the proposal, discuss it with the deputy commissioner and then give the final go-ahead.

At present, the temple is undergoing repairs and beautification work. It boasts facilities like LED screens, ATM kiosk and temporary accommodation for devotees.