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Wednesday , May 7 , 2014
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Q: I am a disabled person (bilateral below knee amputee). My mother, who is bedridden, has been drawing family pension after the demise of my father who was an Indian Railway employee. I am dependant on her and get medical benefits from the railways. As I am unable to help my mother, my younger sister who resides nearby, looks after her. Recently, she tried to sell my mother’s flat and grab the rest of her money. I am aware that as per the railways’ rules, I will get family pension and medical benefits in the absence of my mother. What should I do to protect my interests?

Samir Kumar Chakraborty, Calcutta

A: Your sister cannot sell your mother’s flat without her consent or participation. But if coercion or undue influence is used on your mother, she has to lodge a complaint with the police or file a case of injunction against your sister. To protect your interest, you may file a written complaint with the police, informing them about the state of affairs. You could also send your sister a letter relating to her misdeeds, asking her to restrain from committing them. Also ensure that all the documentation, declaration and nomination to the family pension have been made in the concerned office in your favour.


Q: My former employer has not paid me my dues (including the salary for June) after I resigned in June 2013. I have spoken to all the departments, gone to the people concerned and even written to the editor of the daily, who is also the managing director, but to no avail. How can I get my dues?

C. Ranjeeta, Calcutta

A: You could send a legal notice to your former employer with a copy to the head office. If that does not work you will have no option but to file a money suit in the civil court for the recovery of your dues.


Q: I pay the municipal tax regularly. Apart from that, I also pay khajna at the land revenue office. But we do not receive any notice for this as we do regarding the municipal taxes. I am told that very few people pay this khajna on the basis of the argument that one need not pay double tax. Should I too stop paying it?

Samar Bhattacharya, Calcutta

A: If you are paying the municipal tax, you can stop paying the khajna as both are revenues paid to the government. However, keep all the tax receipts carefully because losing them could invite legal complications.