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Wednesday , May 7 , 2014
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Beldih Lake, you’re no longer Jusco’s stepchild

Fish, feel free to flap your fins in relief. Beldih Lake in Northern Town is no longer sprinkling water on the adjoining golf course.

Bringing respite to aquatic life and anglers alike, Jusco, which maintains the three-acre lake in Northern Town, told golf course employees on Tuesday morning not to pump water from the lake for sprinkling on the six-acre-plus golf course, with immediate effect.

Instead, employees have been strictly instructed to use three bore well pumps for the purpose.

The Telegraph, on May 2, carried a report, “Why great golf doesn’t amuse the fish”, highlighting how water from the lake — that hosts katla, rohu, kalibos, mrigal, tilapia and catfish — was rapidly decreasing as it was used liberally to sprinkle on the golf course in the height of summer.

The report also indicated how anglers were alarmed over how water outflow from the lake was much greater than inflow. Water was being pumped out of the lake at least thrice a day for the gold course, but recharged as a trickle from Subernarekha through a single inlet once a day.

Jusco spokesperson Rajesh Rajan called The Telegraph on Tuesday morning to inform remedial action had been taken in this regard, adding Jusco general manager (town services) Dhananjay Mishra had issued an instruction to immediately stop the practice.

Inflow from Subernarekha will also increase substantially through the inlet from morning to evening, Jusco has decided.

“Our aim is to maintain the maximum possible water level at Beldih Lake for aquatic species to thrive,” Jusco spokesperson Rajan said, a day after the much larger 10-acre Jayanti Sarovar, maintained by the same civic body, shocked the city by spewing 200 dead fish.

The twin initiatives will help the lake regain its glory days fast, feel members of Jamshedpur Angling Club. Though the lake’s depth is now between 3ft and 4ft, down by half, it will replenish quickly as it had been desilted last year.

Jusco has also drawn up a fast-track beautification plan around the scenic lake, including a walkers’ track, install 25 cast-iron ornamental lampposts and a few illuminated water fountains.

Rajan added they had a practical reason behind this plan, which they hoped to execute in two weeks.

“We want to increase visitor traffic to the lake. That will dissuade local garage owners from washing auto parts. Right now, the lake is deserted save some anglers. We deputed security guards in shifts but want to involve more residents and inculcate in them a sense of ownership for the lake to prevent it from getting polluted,” he said.

“The walkers’ track on the strip between the inner and outer iron grilles will see a large number of morning walkers and joggers in mornings and evenings. We will also plant some 150 bougainvillaea bushes alongside the track,” Rajan said.

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