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Tuesday , May 6 , 2014

After a fashion

With an electorate of 815 million, India can take pride in what a recent letter to the New York Times called “the greatest show on Earth, an ode to a diverse and democratic ethos”. Yet, Indian democracy is commonly blamed for having more form than substance, and analysts deplore the descending character of ...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Power politics
Sir — Mukul Kesavan’s article, “After the Family” (May 1), puts forth some interesting points about ...  | Read.. 
In love
Sir — Digvijay Singh’s disclosure of his relationship with a television journalist is quite interes ...  | Read.. 
More trouble
Sir — After Giriraj Singh, yet another leader has created an embarrassing situation for the people ...  | Read.. 
Lights out
Sir — The power situation in the state capital is deteriorating with every passing day. The Patna E ...  | Read.. 
Feel the heat
Sir — The temperatures in Odisha have been hovering around 40 degrees Celsius for the past one mont ...  | Read.. 


Life is never quite safe for the “aliens” in Assam. It can be very dangerous if the native population feels threatened by the...   | Read..


The recent violence in Odessa, a southern port of Ukraine, marks a new low in the fast escalating conflict. The death of clos...   | Read..
The Idiot Box rules
To have a general election spread over many weeks should never be repeated because it allows for all manner of volatile situa...  | Read.. 
Vaguely milling around to find the right thing to do
We are all gripped by Indian election fever here. People who had not previously heard of anyone beyond the Gandhi-Nehru purview, and not much of that, are bandying names and ...  | Read.. 
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