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Tuesday , May 6 , 2014
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What an idea, Aamirji!

- Popular show Satyamev Jayate spurs RMC to think garbage afresh

Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC), which has failed miserably to set up a solid waste processing plant at Jhiri under JNNURM despite several reminders from the Centre, is now considering a new proposal inspired by film star Aamir Khan’s popular television show, Satyamev Jayate.

Over a fortnight now, RMC’s Kutchery Chowk office has been witnessing animated talk on this subject among deputy mayor Sanjeev Vijayvargiya, CEO Manoj Kumar and a dozen ward councillors.

They have been discussing Aamir’s show, an episode of which featured the efforts of several corporations, including ones at Warangal and Vellore, that were using a cluster model of waste management to generate biogas and fertiliser.

Adequately inspired, RMC is now planning to launch a pilot project wherein garbage collected from seven identified wards would be used to generate biogas.

“I admit the idea came to mind after watching Aamir Khan’s TV show. I discussed it with some councillors who have shown interest,” said the deputy mayor.

Vijayvargiya has been at it since a month when he first saw the TV programme. Then he convinced colleagues to catch repeat telecasts and initiated talks with Delhi-based Institute for Human Development which studied the successful implementation of a similar plan in Pune.

Now, Vijayvargiya wants the institute to chalk out a waste disposal roadmap for the RMC under the leadership of its director Harishwar Dayal.

The deputy mayor said the proposal would be placed before the RMC board after May 16. “It is a small step involving a cluster of wards from where waste will be collected. If the plan succeeds, it will be implemented in all 55 wards,” he said.

Vijayvargiya said as of now, seven wards, including his own 10, would be a part of the pilot project. The other wards are 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 20.

Currently, Ranchi generates 400 tonne waste a day. This is dumped on the outskirts of Ranchi at Jhiri where there is serious health issue brewing given that RMC has no expertise or technology to dispose of garbage in an environmentally friendly way.

Now, RMC has identified 5 acres at Lowadih in Ranchi and is likely to take it on lease from the state government to set up a waste processing plant for which it is trying to involve a private company.

On the fate of the JNNURM project, CEO Kumar said the work was allotted to A to Z Services Private Limited. But, the offer was withdrawn after the company was removed after its performance in waste management and disposal was found unsatisfactory.

“We are planning to invite fresh tenders which will take time. But if the cluster model of waste management currently under discussion becomes successful then we can think of implementing it,” the CEO added.