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Sunday , May 4 , 2014
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Season’s first Nor’wester

Calcutta, May 3: Calcutta experienced the season’s first Nor’wester this evening as winds blowing at a speed of roughly 50kmph lashed the city accompanied by rain.

The rain around 7pm inconvenienced some returning home from work, but few would complain after weeks of swelter.

Since the morning, the city was anticipating rain. The sky had turned dark in many places around noon. But rain occurred only at some places. The evening rain poured all across Calcutta.

While the storm that struck the city in the morning around 11am was more a local phenomenon, the one that hit the city in the evening was a Nor’wester that came from Jharkhand. Only squalls that originate over the Chhotanagpur Plateau, which is to the north-west of Calcutta, are called Nor’westers if they blow at wind speeds of 45kmph or more for at least a minute in the city.

This evening’s squall met all these parameters.