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Thursday , May 1 , 2014
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What’s your summer potion?

The scorching heat is on and so are the ways to combat it. As Jamshedpur reels from 43°C on Wednesday, residents hop from one cool kiosk to another. Keeping in tune with the changing taste, vendors have added new varieties and made innovations. The Telegraph goes on a cool trail to find out where people are quenching their thirst

Shree Heera Sweets, Golmuri market

Sells: Flavoured juice

Flavours: Cola, orange, strawberry, mango, pudina masala, litchi, jeera masala, pinepapple, kala kattha, mix fruit, and blue berry

Footfall: Between 300 and 500 people daily

Price: Reasonable. A litre costs Rs 40, while one glass of juice is available for Rs 25

USP: Choice of flavours

Ownerspeak: “The idea of starting a flavoured juice kiosk was of my uncle who does the same business in Ahmedabad. The flavours are brought from Gujarat and we add only sugar and filtered water to it,” said owner Chunky Kumar

Customerspeak: “I think this is the only stall in the city that offers such a vast range of flavours. It is moderately priced that suits all,” said Milan Rastogi, a student of ABM College, Golmuri.

Dilkhush Ice Chat, adjacent to The Bengal Club in Sakchi

Sells: Sherbets, faluda and ice chaat

Flavours: Rose, mango, chocolate, jal jeera, orange, pineapple, kala kattha, khus and kacha kherry

Footfall: Over 300 daily

Price: Sherbet: Rs 10 and Rs 20 per glass

Ice chaat: Rs 10 and Rs 30 per plate

Faluda: Rs 20 and Rs 30 a glass

USP: The only such outlet dishing out faluda like the ones available in Mumbai

Ownerspeak: “The ice for the faluda is brought from Kasidih and is prepared using filtered water. The flavours are brought from Jamnagar in Gujarat,” said Gobindo Das.

Customerspeak: “We have been frequently visiting this outlet for chusky and ice chaat. Recently, I tasted the faluda and its was simply amazing,” said Mohammed Kaif, a final-year BDS student of Awadh Dental College, Bhillaipahari.

Geetanjali Drink Corner on Bistupur Main Road

Sells: Lassi and Milk Shakes

Flavour: Kesar badam, mango, strawberry, banana, rose and chocolate

Footfall: Around 300-400 daily

Price: Milk Shakes Rs 40 a glass, Lassi Rs 25 a glass

USP: Special variety of pudina lassi

Ownerspeak: “There are a few outlets selling milk shakes of different varieties, but ours is much better than the rest. We also use sugar free for diabetic people,” said Monotosh Roy

Customerspeak: “The pudina lassi here is very refreshing,” said Purobi Ghosh, LIC officer at Bistupur main branch.

Maa Tarini Masala Drinks, near Gopal Maidan in Bistupur

Sells: Masala drink

Flavours: Thumbs-Up, Coke, Fanta, Sprite and Maaza

Footfall: Between 500 and 700 daily

Price: Rs 20 for a bottle of 300ml

USP: Masalas like cumin seeds, black pepper, cloves and elaichi

Ownerspeak: “The different tastes of every drink draw customers from far-off places,” said Mahesh Pradhan.

Customerspeak: “I have been visiting this joint for past one decade. A glass of masala drink makes me feel rejuvenated,” said chartered accountant Ajay Patel, a resident of Rani Kudar.

Compiled by Animesh Bisoee. Pictures by Bhola Prasad