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Thursday , May 1 , 2014
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Young criminals flex muscle on networking sites
- On hiring spree, mines gang members post threat videos on Facebook to cajole people to join them

Three “mines gang” members were arrested on Wednesday for using aggressive advertising campaigns on social networking sites to terrorise people who refused to join them.

Senior superintendent of police (SSP) Manu Maharaaj said a video clip with a background score was posted on social networking sites like Facebook where gang members were shown beating up a person.

“The mines gang has been active in Patna for around two years. The gang comprises men between the age group of 21 and 30 years. They move on rashly driven bikes and have been involved in all forms of criminal activities like snatching, thefts, loots and even murder. The SK Puri police have been successful in arresting three persons of the gang (Sonu, Nitesh and Dharmu),” the SSP said.

Dharmu is the second-in-command of the gang and their leader, identified as Rahul Yadav, is on the run.

What is surprising is that the gang members promote their criminal activities through short video clips, which are uploaded on Facebook and other websites.

“The youths in the video clip could be professional actors who could have been paid by the gang. It could also be that some of them featuring in the clip are full-time gang members. We are investigating one such clip,” the officer said.

On asking why they call themselves members of a “mines gang” the officer said: “It is not known yet. After arrest the trio said they were part of the mines gang.”

In 2013, bullets were pumped into one Vinay Singh in his SUV in the Boring Canal Road area. Police then had stated that Singh was a leader of a gang named “Rockezers”, comprising high caste Bhumihars, who operated out of Patna.

“The murder was committed by members of the mines gang,” the SSP said.

About the video clip, the SSP added that it shows a young man riding a bike, when he is suddenly stopped and surrounded by the members of the gang.

“The clip earlier showed that the biker was asked to join the gang but he had turned down the offer. Later, when the person is surrounded, he is given a thrashing with sticks and rods and then warned that if he doesn’t budge, he will have to face serious consequences,” the officer said.

The four-minute video has a background score running all the time like the ones used during fight scenes in Bollywood films.

“The video is shocking and it’s kind of a warning to those who have denied offers to join the gang. The gang is active in the Kotwali police station area and they seem to be short of members at present. This is why they could be hiring. They target youths who work out in gyms and have a strong built. We have to find out more about the video and the people in it,” the SSP said.

Sources said these gangs are inspired by movies. They have specially designed registration number plates, which would be different for each of the gangs.