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TT: What is the primary reason behind summer ailments?

Soni: Dehydration. It may lead to low blood pressure, especially in women. It may also reduce appetite

What kind of food is best for summer?

Have short, but frequent meals. It will keep you energised. Heavy meals tend to make you lethargic

Apart from water, what kind of liquids are suitable for the body?

Fruit juices such as aam ka paani, jal jeera, wood apple sherbet and coconut water are good. Sattu stirred in water with a pinch of salt also helps

What about branded drinks claiming to be natural?

No, these are usually not 100 per cent natural. These have preservatives, which add calories. Instead, take the trouble of preparing fresh fruit juices

Best summer fruits?

Watermelon is good because it gives required water and antioxidants. Orange, pear, mosambi and litchi help, too

And meals?

Whole grain, cereals and green vegetables are preferable. Avoid meat, especially red meat, as it may cause digestion problems. Avoid excess oil and spicy food

What about those who have to travel a lot?

First, never skip breakfast. Everyone forgets that it is the most important meal of the day. Have milk with cereals like cornflakes or oats. Carry a bottle of lemon water prepared with sugar and salt

What is the one thing you want people to change in their food habit?

Junk food. It is a serious problem not only among youngsters but also adults. It only adds calories, leading to obesity

But when it comes to healthy food, taste vanishes

Innovate in the kitchen. Use milk in various forms like lassi, buttermilk or simply dahi. Make fruit salads

Any specific advice for children?

Children have a tendency to eat outside. When they feel hungry, they opt for ice-creams and golas. These are best avoided. Street food is very harmful, especially during summer. Mothers can make the same stuff at home