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| Sunday, April 27, 2014 |

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Rani's realm

Kangana Ranaut is the new female hero in the film industry. Once mocked for her accent, this fashionista is now the toast of the town. Smitha Verma tracks her potholed journey from Mandi to Mumbai | Read»

Standoff at Everest

Some 400 Sherpa men, hired by 41 Everest teams with nearly 400 climbers from across the world, went on strike last week. Debaashish Bhattacharya looks at the development — and the Sherpas' vanishing way of life | Read»

An open marriage

A sexual revolution is sweeping through urban India — and it's affecting love and marriage in the country. Ira Trivedi explores the transformation of the age-old arranged marriage, the rise in divorces, extramarital affairs, open marriages and live-in relationships — as well as the dark underside of all this. An extract from her recently published book: | Read»