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Saturday , April 26 , 2014
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Blow for blow, every letter counts
Priyanka launches alphabet attack

Rae Bareli, April 25: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra today asked Narendra Modi to stop teaching the alphabet to voters, resuming her attack on the BJP mascot after a day’s break.

Kabhi ABCD, kabhi RSVP. Aur kabhi da se desh aur ka se kauva. Ba se band bhi to kariye naa (Sometimes ABCD, sometimes RSVP. And sometimes it is D for desh and C for crow. Please stop with a B for band,” Priyanka said at her first meeting of the day in Rae Bareli.

“You are not addressing primary school children but the people of the country,” she added, without naming anyone.

Modi has used the abbreviations “RSVP (Rahul, Sonia, Vadra, Priyanka)” and “ABCD” (Adarsh, Bofors, Coal and Damaad)” to attack the Congress, referring to corruption scandals and alleging that Robert Vadra had multiplied his earnings through dishonest means.

Battle-ready in an olive green wide-bordered Chettinad saree, Priyanka fired on: “When you address people, tell them what exactly you are going to do for their welfare, for the development of the country. No leader has the knowledge that people have. People understand everything, they also understand the Gujarat model. They know how land worth crores of rupees is being sold cheap to your friends. Tell people why the wages paid to labourers are low under your model. You must tell people what you have done for women.”

Having raised the charge of crony capitalism and questioned Modi’s development model, she kept her last big hit for his closest aide Amit Shah who is an accused in fake encounter cases in Gujarat.

“People also know about your clean politics and they know who stood by your side yesterday and waved his hands at the crowds,” Priyanka said, referring to Shah’s presence by Modi’s side as he went to file his nomination in Varanasi.

In the remaining meetings in villages in Rae Bareli where she is campaigning for mother Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka stressed on the significance of these Lok Sabha elections and appealed to voters to keep the country in mind when they cast their ballot.

Her message in Aihar was: “Sonia Gandhi will no doubt win. But when you vote, don’t think of your region alone. Think of the country, of the karvat (turn) that politics is taking. Congress’s ideology is based on transferring power to the hands of people and not snatching it away from their hands. So you have the Right to Information law, the Right to Education, the Right to Health, Food Security and many such laws. Their (the BJP’s) politics is founded on self-interest, it deceives people, it divides them.”

Long-time Gandhi family loyalist, Kishori Lal Sharma, drove Priyanka through the mud tracks. The only other person by her side was her personal secretary, Preeti Rai Sahay.