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Saturday , April 26 , 2014
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Jeevan lens on suicides
- Study on student death wish

Jamshedpur outfit Jeevan is gearing up to conduct a study on why the rate of students’ suicides in and around steel city has continued to climb despite awareness campaigns, helpline numbers and counselling sessions at the community level.

Sources from the outfit said students comprised 18.5 per cent of suicide victims in and around Jamshedpur. Of the 53 suicides that took place in the city in 2014 (till March), seven were students.

They added that Jeevan, which already runs two helpline numbers from 10am to 2pm to counsel depressed people, intended to find what caused steel city students to choose the extreme step.

The sources further revealed that girls comprised 67 per cent of the 154 students who committed suicide in the past four years — from 2010-13.

“We are yet to conduct the study, but suicide rate among girls could be higher because they are more sentimental than boys. In many cases, girls tend to take relationships too seriously. So, if they suffer heartbreak, it leads to depression. This apart, girls are seldom treated as equals to boys in the domestic circles. We often receive calls where girls complain that they are asked to switch off the cellphone after 9pm, while their brothers are free to chat till midnight,” said Jeevan director M. Ram.

Ram added that in their analytical study, they would try to identify academic institutions, if any, where the suicide rate is high among students. After zeroing in on such schools and colleges, they will try to collaborate with the institutions and plan counselling programmes. Also, they will analyse the common triggers for suicide in order to get an idea about which area they should focus on.

Jeevan has also started re-painting their 60-odd boards outside schools and colleges. Some of the prominent boards in the city will bow boast helpline numbers 6555555 and 6453841.

The suicide prevention outfit has also decided to appeal to the state health department to start a mental hospital in the city.