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Ode to Inspiration

There is a fairyland, where
everyone is happy. Where
every soul is pure, where
everything is perfect.

This wasn’t what you said. You can create a place, where you make people happy, where your soul is pure, where you strive for excellence. This is what you told me.

There is a heaven, where no one is dishonest. Where hearts are full of love, where nothing is evil.

You didn't tell me this.

You can make a world, where you are honest
in all that you do

Where your heart is filled with love, where you are not evil with anyone.
You told me this.

To see the brighter side of everything To see the goodness in everyone. To see the silver lining in every dark cloud. To see the ray of hope in every moment of despair

To live the best of
every moment
To make the best of every
opportunity. To learn the best of everybody. This is what you taught me…
always. And this is
what I shall follow…

Anushna Jha
Class XII
Notre Dame Academy