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Thursday , April 24 , 2014
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Why ISM first-timers will be glued to TV today

Ongoing practical exams and the pending end semester ruined plans of many budding techies of ISM-Dhanbad to go home and vote in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

Nonetheless, most of these first time voters are pretty aware of the major problems plaguing the nation and all echoed a common wish — the government must address these issues on priority.

As Dhanbad parliamentary constituency goes to polls on Thursday, four of them shared their concerns, disappointments and poll day plans with Praduman Choubey

Anjali Gupta

Age: 21

Studying: Mechanical engineering, second year

Home: Jaipur in Rajasthan

Ringing regret: “This was supposed to be my first vote. Mine is a joint family of 18 members in Rajasthan and 15 of them are eligible voters. Everyone in my family, except me, exercised their franchise on April 17.”

Key issue: IIT tag for ISM and women’s security. “Women in our country feel unsafe almost everywhere. Ensuring women safety — the lack of which was highlighted after the Nirbhaya case — should be the first task of the next government.”

V-Day plans: “This was supposed to be my first vote. Anyway, Thursday being a holiday, I will spend most of my time watching the television to catch the latest polling updates.”

Aditya Anchaliya

Age: 20

Studying: Environmental engineering, third year

Home: Chittorgarh in Rajasthan

Ringing Regret: “I called up my parents on the polling day to know how the voting went and whom they voted for. I missed being at my home on that day.”

Key issue: IIT label and corruption. “Corruption is the key problem of our nation. I want the next government to take bold decisions.”

V-Day plans: “As only three days are left for our end semester to begin, I will spend most of my time studying. However, in my spare time, I plan to watch the television to get a general idea of how the polling went.”

Priyank Jain

Age: 20

Studying: Fuel and mineral engineering, third year

Home: Chatarpur in Madhya Pradesh

Ringing regret: “I was very excited to exercise my franchise for the first time. Unfortunately, I could not due to my end semester. Going home was not an option, as it would have taken at least three days to visit home and return to Dhanbad.”

Key issues: Coal block allocation. “I hope the next government takes some decisions regarding the coal block allocation, which is affecting the mining industry.

V-Day Plans: “I will keep the Internet on so that I get the latest updates. The evening will be reserved for a political adda with friends over tea.”

Chitransh Jain

Age: 21

Studying: Fuel and mineral engineering, third year

Home: Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh

Ringing regret: “I had accompanied by parents to the polling booth during the last general elections in 2009 and I was very excited to think that in 2014 it will be my chance. However, fate had something else in store.”

Key issues: IIT tag for ISM

V-Day plans: “I will keep a tab on the voting percentage. I will watch TV and surf the Net. Good turnout will ensure a good government.”

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