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Sunday , April 20 , 2014
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Srini claims in affidavit invite scorn

Chandigarh: Some of Narayanswamy Srinivasan’s colleagues on the executive board of the International Cricket Council (ICC) are aghast that his “reply affidavit” to the Supreme Court waxes eloquent on his having “furthered the interests” of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) “at all times.”

“All directors of the ICC are expected to further the interests of the game in general, not their Boards exclusively. It’s a shocking admission and shows the power-hungry Srinivasan in very poor light,” a well-placed source told The Telegraph.

Filed recently, the “reply affidavit” includes the following: “During my tenure at the ICC (from 2008), I have at all times furthered the interests of the BCCI...

“My crowning achievement has been to effect a re-structuring of the ICC and a re-working of the financial distribution model to reflect India’s contribution to the economics of world cricket...

“As against these achievements, the earlier regimes successively let down the BCCI’s interests in the ICC...”

The latter bit condemns (among others) the “regimes” of Sharad Pawar and Shashank Manohar, under whom Srinivasan himself held key positions!

How ironical, but that’s pretty much in keeping with Srinivasan’s image, as nothing matters more than personal aggrandisement.

Unless the BCCI decides to withdraw Srinivasan as its nominee for the ICC chairman’s post, he’ll occupy that seat in June.

The issue is expected to come up in Mumbai on Sunday.

Meanwhile, there’s dismay (and more) among the cricket fraternity in India that, in the same “reply affidavit,” Srinivasan has sought to take credit for the one-time monetary benefit given to a host of players, by the BCCI, in 2012.

Point to be noted is that Srinivasan didn’t pay a Rupee from his pocket.