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Friday , April 18 , 2014
Salt Lake

Puja pages: The crowning

The Telegraph Salt Lake Super Souvenir 2013...  | Read.. 
Township turns 52
The 52nd birth anniversary of the township was celebrated on April 16 at Laban Hrad Mancha through personal reminiscences and ...  | Read.. 
Click your township
We have chosen the three best photographs from among the “Click your township” entries printed over the past 12 m ...  | Read.. 
Shop stop for Sector II
AMP Vaisaakkhi, the newest mall in the township, celebrated its foundation day on Poila Baisakh. The complex, that is a mix o ...  | Read.. 
Barking bother
At night, when people retire to bed in our block, an army of stray dogs assembles on the roads and start expressing their moo ...  | Read.. 
Back story
Backache is like an uninvited guest. It comes unannounced and makes friends with you so that it can keep returning from time ...  | Read.. 
Heated rivalry
Dog lovers have long complained that the winter-to-winter wait is too long for them to watch dog shows. So they were pleasant ...  | Read.. 
Me & my pet
Simba stares at the biscuit in Shambo Karar’s hand, smacking his lips. Soon he starts salivating. He drools and drools ...  | Read.. 
Biryani, Dhaka style
Artiste Shuvaprasanna at the opening of the restaurant; customers wait for their meals. (Left) Chicken Biryani; (Top right) C ...  | Read.. 
Schedule for Good Friday and Easter service
Immanuel Evangelical Church (Protestant) ...  | Read.. 
Puja pages: The crowning