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Friday , April 18 , 2014
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Family time & litti make election day special

Perfecting recipes and spending quality time with family topped the to-do list of residents who exercised their franchise on Thursday.

For New Jakkanpur resident Tuhina Chari, the day was doubly special because daughter Shivangini voted for the first time.

Tuhina said: “My daughter voted for the first time and her excitement made me happy. She even asked the poll official to reapply the indelible ink on her finger because it made a light mark on the first try. Her college (St Xavier’s College) has announced those students who vote — and have the mark of the indelible ink on their fingers — would be rewarded. After we were done exercising our franchise, we sat down at home to enjoy different delicacies. In the afternoon, I made kadi and plan to do make golgappas in the evening.”

Vibha Pahadi, a mother of two from Boring Road, became the hero, err dish of the day, with her litti-chokha. Vibha, told The Telegraph: “It is a holiday and my family asked me to cook something different. Litti-chokha is a Bihari dish and couldn’t be ignored on this day.”

Neena Jha of New Patliputra Colony said: “After casting our vote, we had sweet corn with coriander soup and brown bread for breakfast. Lunch was stuffed parathas, while we will have biryani for dinner.”

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