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Laugh riot to take on poll rivals

A Narendra Modi lookalike asks an Arvind Kejriwal lookalike: “Tumhare pass kya hain?” Kejriwal retorts but starts coughing. Modi questions Kejriwal: “Khaasne ke ilaava aur kya hain? (what do you have other than coughing?). Kejriwal replies: “Mere pass muffler aur topi hain (I have a muffler and a cap).”

The scene is being played out at the BJP office with the supporters and members going wild each time Modi takes a dig at his political rivals. The message is clear.

The state BJP’s environment cell has installed the LED screen to promote Modi and the party’s views. The clips also sometimes have a Modi lookalike or a cartoon taking on political opponents such as Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi or Kejriwal.

Such clips have become an instant hit among BJP cadres, and the common people as the dialogues are humorous and entertaining. Rajesh Sinha, the state convener of the environment cell, said: “We are airing the video to create awareness and promote the views of Modi and the BJP. The videos are entertaining as well.” Some of the clips also have Modi’s lookalike mimicking Bollywood actors. Three persons have been assigned the work of looking after the functioning and monitoring of the screen. While one looks after the server, the other two are engaged in editing the clips.

Manohar Prasad, a BJP supporter at the party office, said: “Whatever may be the idea of showing such video clips, we are enjoying it. The videos are interesting as well as entertaining.”

Last week, state BJP unit president Mangal Pandey had launched the LED screen. The LED screen also acts as a private news channel.

Anyone can avail the facilities of the LED screen through their Android-enabled phones. Any news or bulletin featuring Modi is shown on the screen.

The screen shows the temperature of the city and the state. The screen is functional from 10am to 8pm.