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Tuesday , April 15 , 2014
CIMA Gallary

Young cop brigade kick-starts journey

- Fresh recruits on motorcycles to instil confidence among people

Young and fresh, 160 constables on Monday kick-started their poll-bound journey to instil confidence among the Patna electorate.

Among them was Manoj Kumar (23), who had joined the Bihar police as constable last year.

The young man on Monday said: “I am one in a huge group. Our job would be to maintain law and order during the elections in Patna. This is for the first time that I will be on guard during the polls. I hope it turns out to be a good experience,” the said.

Manoj and his colleagues would patrol the length and breadth of Patna to keep trouble-mongers at bay during the April 17 polling. Manoj has been deployed in Phulwarisharif.

However, Manoj said he would not be able to cast his vote because “duty comes first” according to him.

“I do want to vote like everyone else. But I know I cannot do that because I will be on duty. But it is fine with me,” Manoj said with a smile.

Manoj and his troop are part of a special quick mobile team of the Patna police formed especially for the elections. Most of them are fresh recruits who will be witnessing the hullabaloo of the elections for the first time.

When told about the postal ballot system, the government employee said he has not heard of anything like that.

Among them was Bipin Kumar, who looked a bit nervous.

“I am not frightened. It is my duty and I am well trained. I was inducted in the force as a constable in 2013. We have been instructed to travel across Patna in our respective sub-divisions on bikes and maintain order during the elections. Every bike will have two persons on it. They will be sent to places where four-wheelers will have problem manoeuvring. I wanted to vote this time since I have never voted earlier. But protecting people when they are out to vote would be more satisfying,” Bipin said.

Another constable, who has been deployed to a Naxalite-hit area, said: “I have been posted in Masauri sub-division, a rebel belt. I am a bit jittery because there I would just have a cane to tackle arms-wielding Maoists. I have to take care of my parents. I have a mixed feeling of fear and patriotism,” he said.

The Patna SSP, Manu Maharaaj, however, was a great motivator who took no time in instilling confidence among his young brigade.

“At present, there were 80 bikes but by Tuesday their number would go up to 150. Two people would be on each bike and their job would be to ensure that people come out and vote fearlessly. The quick mobile team does not have to get frightened because they would not have to venture in the deep pockets of the Naxalite belts. The Special Auxiliary Police personnel would man those areas. Their job would be to stand guard on the streets, near the polling stations and infuse confidence among voters. They must act immediately if they see any trouble brewing,” the senior officer said.

Rajeev Kumar (23) took pride in the confidence bestowed on him. “My duty is very important. My colleague and I will be stationed at Fatuha sub-division of Patna to ensure that no nuisance takes place in Patna on April 17 and days before and after. I just have to deliver what I have been trained,” he said, looking at his partner Rajeev Malhotra, who wielded his stick with confidence, as Rajeev kick-started the bike.