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Saturday , April 12 , 2014
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Doc sounds clinical on rivalry & services
- Dal candidate pledges to tame traffic and provide treated Ganga water to residents

As Patna Sahib constituency acquires centre stage in the second phase of the parliamentary elections in Bihar, Piyush Kumar Tripathi of The Telegraph talks to JD(U) candidate Dr Gopal Prasad Sinha about his take on rivals, development vision and the condition of medical services

Till a year ago, I never thought of entering politics. The medical profession has given me everything it could offer and I felt a desire to expand my services to the people. I thought taking a plunge into politics was the only way through which I could help people, including providing water, education, health, electricity and roads.

My track record of serving people as a physician over the past 40 years. My image has been that of a dedicated professional, who has worked untiringly for decades to make people healthy.

I believe that effectiveness of an individual does not depend on the numerical strength of the party concerned in Parliament. I would raise issues related to my constituency, state and the nation as a whole.

I consider Shatrughan Sinha as my main rival, as the BJP has won the Patna Sahib seat for the past 20 years. However, I am confident about myself. This constituency is likely to witness a close contest.

I have organised over 500 free health camps across the state till date. I have also conducted more than 100 academic meetings in the city and other events on music, arts and sports.

Patna Sahib is a very important constituency as it covers almost the entire Patna town area. My two topmost priorities would be to make the city snarl-free and provide treated Ganga water to residents.

Medical facilities here are still far behind other metropolitan cities. It would take around five to 10 years for availability of good services.

Such claims are not true. On the basis of my electioneering experience over the past few days, I think people are still very supportive of chief minister Nitish Kumar owing to the all-round development done by him.

Corruption and inflation. The aam aadmi (common man) has been oppressed by these two for decades.