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Thursday , April 10 , 2014

His master’s voice

Much of the conversation around this election has been driven by the argument that Narendra Modi’s BJP is a party whose agenda centres on governance and growth, not on communally divisive and inflammatory issues like the building of a Ram temple at Ayodhya or the demonizing of Muslims. The BJP’s man...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
By force
Sir — The pre-election environment in West Bengal has become so gruesome and dangerous that it is d ...  | Read.. 
Teach them right
Sir — It is a matter of grave concern that many teachers are in the habit of encouraging students t ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir — The fully metalled, expansive road next to Nicco Park that leads to the Webel Crossing and SD ...  | Read.. 


Mountaineers maintain that getting off a mountain is always more difficult than climbing. Politicians, however ...   | Read..


“Death, thou shalt die” is no more just a poet’s challenge. A doctor-turned-designer-and-entrepreneur has now taken it ...   | Read..
A Quick Learner
Peng Liyuan, wife of China’s president, has been named UNESCO ‘special envoy for the advancement of girls and women’s ...  | Read.. 
When the right stars take too long to shine
By the time this piece sees the light of the day, one sincerely hopes and prays that the Indian navy will get its new ‘regular’ four-star admiral, instead of the present three...  | Read.. 
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