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Thursday , April 10 , 2014
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Cong query on Modi funds

New Delhi, April 9: The Congress today made two serious allegations aimed at bringing Narendra Modi’s personal credentials under a cloud, saying “vicious” one-sided campaigns wouldn’t be allowed any more.

Spokesperson Anand Sharma said Modi was using black money to sustain his high-voltage campaign and accused him of favouring a dubious Barbados-based company that had made millions at the cost of the Gujarat government.

“Let Modi tell the nation what his relationship is with Jean Paul Roy,” Sharma said, referring to the owner of that company. “If he doesn’t, we will reveal it.”

The issue — involving the Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) and the alleged firm, GeoGlobal Resources — has been in the public domain. The Congress, too, had raised it earlier. But asking the Union commerce minister to rake it up again during elections shows the party’s intention.

“The GSPC bid for exploration in the KG Basin project through a consortium involving GoGlobal which was given 10 per cent stake, though it had a capital of only $64,” Sharma said. “The joint venture came into being barely six days before the bid and the cost of exploration that GeoGlobal was to give along with the technical expertise were not provided. As the company grew, GoGlobal transferred 50 per cent of its shares to a dubious Mauritius-based firm through which hundreds of millions (of) dollars were swindled.”

Sharma also asked the BJP mascot to first reveal the source of his campaign funds. “The BJP’s media campaign is at least 25 times bigger than ours. We have information that Modi has a budget of Rs 10,000 crore for publicity.”

Asked why had the Congress not acted against Modi if it had so much evidence, Sharma said: “There has been a vicious propaganda against the central government and it can’t continue one-sided…. Our treasurer is in a position to account for the expenses we have done but can the BJP do so?”