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Sunday , April 6 , 2014

Afghan turnout high as voters defy Taliban

Defying a campaign of Taliban violence that unleashed 39 suicide bombers in the two months before election day, Afghan voters today turned out in such numbers to choose a new President and provincial councils that polling hours were extended nationwide, in a triumph of determination over intimi...   | Read..

Jet search ship ‘picks up signal’

A Chinese vessel that is part of a multinational search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane in the southern Indian Ocean reported today that an underwater sensor had ...   | Read..

Boeing to sell parts to Iran

Boeing Co, the world’s biggest airplane maker, and engine maker General Electric Co said yesterday they had received licences from the US treasury department to export ...   | Read..

Hitler’s mate had ‘Jew ties’

Hitler may have “unwittingly married a Jew” hours before his suicide, a television documentary has claimed, after analysis of Eva Braun’s hairbrush foun...   | Read..
Afghan turnout high as voters defy Taliban
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