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| Sunday, April 6, 2014 |

7 days

All the Modi men

Who are the men who are quietly orchestrating Narendra Modi's electoral campaign? Radhika Ramaseshan zeroes in on a disparate group that's come together on a one-point mission: to see the Gujarat CM installed as Prime Minister | Read»

Present tense for future perfect

Wear a ring, drop a letter from one's name or hold a havan? Varuna Verma finds that as the elections near, politicians — cutting across parties — are seeking heavenly help | Read»

Women and woe

Rheumatoid arthritis is no longer a disease that hits the elderly — younger and younger people, particularly women, are being affected too. The debilitating disease is on the rise in India, says Varuna Verma | Read»

Online, out of line

Bollywood celebrities find that their social media accounts are being misused by people hoping to make a fast buck. S. Ramachandran reports | Read»