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Saturday , April 5 , 2014
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First day first show: Mithun packs a punch

Mithun Chakraborty, one of the Trinamul Congress’s star campaigners for the Lok Sabha polls, had wooed the Calcutta audience at The Telegraph National Debate 2014 in February with his plainspeak and repartee. On Friday, the MP floored Burdwan during his first campaign rally with his star power and

innovative slogans. And the actor straddled both worlds with equal ease. This newspaper tracked Mithun during three rallies in Kulti, Salanpur and Raniganj — organised to campaign for Trinamul’s Asansol candidate Dola Sen. Some snippets from the rally Mithun addressed at the Kulti Police Grounds, where 10,000 Trinamul supporters had gathered


Blue striped shirt, black jeans and the trademark blue muffler


At 2.20pm, Mithun stepped out of a Scorpio with Mamata Banerjee and the roar was deafening. The actor-MP waved at the crowd. Mithun had stolen Mamata’s thunder, it seemed


In over 300 films, Mithun brought the house down with dialogues written by the likes of Kader Khan and N.K. Salil. On Friday, Mithun wrote his own script, coining slogans for Mamata and improvising on some of his own one-liners:

lSome are saying Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi. I say Har Ghar Didi, Baar Baar Didi (Didi in every home, Didi every time)

lI know you want to listen to my dialogues. The Election Commission is watching, but I don’t mind. Tipbo botam ekhane, sarkar gorbo okhane

Naam toofan, bochhore ek aadh baar aashe. Jokhon aashe tokhon pralay ghote (The name is storm. It comes once a year. But when it comes, it wreaks havoc)

(An apparent reference to a perceived wave in Mamata’s favour)


Earlier in his life, when Mithun was Gouranga Chakraborty of north Calcutta, he had Naxalite leanings. On Friday, he showed he had not lost touch with politics as he came up with cogent political arguments while canvassing for Mamata.

“There is a tendency to cut the TMC’s votes. Kyun bhai? Iss-se kya Bangal ka bhala hoga? Woh kaam kijiye jisse Bangal ka bhala ho (Why? Will Bengal benefit from this? Do what is good for Bengal),” he said.

“The projection is 28 seats for Trinamul. If we can make it 38 or 40, the voice of Bengal will be heard more in Delhi. What is the point in giving one seat to the BJP? Will they be able to work for Bengal with this one seat?” Mithun added.


I told Mithunda last night that I have left it to the people to decide how many seats we would win. He said no, I want all 42.