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Friday , April 4 , 2014
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Mother’s stick for brother pat

Pilibhit, April 3 (PTI): Maneka Gandhi today said she had told son Varun he was wrong about development in Amethi, a day after his “praise” of cousin Rahul Gandhi’s work embarrassed the BJP.

“He is an innocent person... his heart is clean. He would have been asked about the work done in Amethi on which he would have said whatever happened there is good,” the BJP MP said.

Maneka said that she had told Varun that whatever he said on development in Amethi was “not correct”. “In Amethi, expected works have not taken place in past 45 years,” she said.

The seat was held by Maneka’s husband Sanjay Gandhi till his death in 1980. In the election that followed, Maneka had contested against brother-in-law Rajiv Gandhi but lost.

Varun, who is the BJP’s youth face in Uttar Pradesh, had said Rahul was doing good work through his women’s self-help groups in Amethi and that he would like to do the same in Sultanpur.

Asked if she would advise Varun to use his head, not his heart, while making statements, Maneka said: “Yes...this is true”.