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Tuesday , April 1 , 2014

Pakistani iconoclast

He is the world’s most prolific novelist. As of last count, he had written between 163 and 177 novels. The difference arises from the fact that he has created three detectives. Most of his novels have only one detective; but he has written some with two, and some with three. Whether these should be ...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Corrupt head
Sir — The Indian Premier League has become the symbol of all that is rotten in Indian cricket (“Cle ...  | Read.. 


Democracy is a fruit of the age of reason, and voting and campaigning are central to its mechanism in actual polities. In Ind...   | Read..


India’s foreign policy seems to be on a reset mode. Over the past few months, it has gone out of its way to lock horns with t...   | Read..
Poison From The Pulpit
The election fever is reaching a high pitch, both in terms of tenor and abuse. There is no decorum in the political exchanges...  | Read.. 
The road to somewhere else
There are several attributes that make the films, Queen and Highway, different from those that form the staple, but anodyne, diet of an uncomplaining audience. M...  | Read.. 
Crimson joy
Disney’s latest release, Frozen, had piqued my curiosity from the moment I came to know that it has been adapted from Hans Christian Andersen’s story, “The Snow Queen”....  | Read.. 
Although far from being a perfect film, Highway left me with fairly deep emotions, and some enduring moments outside the rational. All of these had to do with the uglin...  | Read.. 
It is a great feeling to know/ That from a window/ I can go to books to cans of beer to past loves./ And from these gather enough dream/ To sneak out a back door. — GREGORY CORSO