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Friday , March 28 , 2014
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Not everything is wrong, says optimistic Dravid

Rahul Dravid

Bangalore: On a dramatic day which saw Indian cricket, especially the Indian Premier League (IPL), fight controversies and embarrassment, former captain Rahul Dravid defended the game saying it’s image will not be tarnished by the scandals.

Asked about the Supreme Court’s observation and recommendations, Dravid, who is currently the mentor the Rajasthan Royals, said: “I would not like to make any comment because I have not seen the proposal and these matters are in the court. We have to wait for the court judgment.”

On the question whether the spot-fixing allegations have damaged the reputation of cricket, Dravid said: “Earlier, these incidents have occurred, but the game is great and will continue as it were….

“Some things in life are bad, we need to rectify them… Not everything is wrong… The sport will not be lesser,” he added.

Like Dravid, Anil Kumble too stressed on the fact that this was the not the first time that the game is facing such a crisis and that it would emerge victorious in the end.

“First, wait for the Supreme Court to give its verdict and whatever the final verdict of the SC, I am sure all of us law abiding citizens will abide by the decision,” Kumble said.

“This is nothing compared to what we have seen in the society… Cricket is no different. The first set of these allegations came in 1999-2000, but the players responsibly put things in place.

“Even now, the players on the field will determine how the game is going to be seen and the fans of course will look at it that way. And yes, we have an opportunity to do whatever we can to ensure that the game is above all of this,” Kumble added.

Reacting to allegations that cricket bodies in the South have been supportive of Naryanswamy Srinivasan in spite of the heat he has been facing from all quarters, Kumble said: “You need to understand that it’s not just one person that you are talking about. You are talking about a cricket association and it was not a conditional support.

“Yes, it was important for us to take cricket forward…. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.”

Another former captain, Bishan Singh Bedi, took to social networking site Twitter to express his dismay over the manner in which cricket has been shamed.

“Heart reaches out 2 Aditya Verma fr steadfastly tkng on dictatorial Srini & coming on top! BCCI's image touch lowest possible denominator!!” Bedi tweeted.

“Fr no rhyme or reason Srini gving a bad name 2 Rhinos! Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely--bcci has bn shamed! Thx SC save CI,” he said in another tweet.

Krishnamachari Srikkanth simply said that whatever the apex court says, has to be followed.

Asked about the court’s proposal to make Sunil Gavaskar an interim chief of the Board, Srikkanth said: “At this point in time, we cannot comment. Everything is subjudice. But the Supreme Court is supreme and everybody will have to follow what it says. There is no other way.”

On whether Srinivasan should step aside or step down, Srikkanth said: “You are asking me the same question in different forms… You are bowling a googly, a bouncer and then a straighter one.

“At this point in time, none of us can answer this question since the matter is subjudice.” (PTI)

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