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Friday , March 28 , 2014
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Legs lost in bid to catch train

A newly married woman lost both her legs after she fell on the tracks while boarding a running train at Goelkera station in West Singhbhum on Thursday morning.

Sukurmuni Jamuda (18) slipped into the gap between the platform and the train’s footboard in her hurry at the station that falls under Tatanagar-Manoharpur section of Chakradharpur division.

Sukurmuni, who got married to Debu Jamuda just six months ago, was returning to her in-law’s place in Chakradharpur after paying a visit to her parents in Goelkera when the mishap took place.

According to eyewitness Chunnulal Gope, it was 7.30am when the young woman tried to board the Bilaspur-Tatanagar Passenger, an unreserved train that had already started chugging out of the platform.

“I saw her, with a bag in one hand, rushing to the platform to catch the moving train. Although she did manage to climb on to the footboard, she could not cling on to the handrail. She slipped and fell down,” Gope recalled.

After the train left, those present on the platform witnessed a gory sight that they are not going to forget soon — the right leg of Sukurmuni had got severed from her knee.

The victim lay writhing in pain for several minutes till a GRP team arrived at the scene and took her to a referral hospital in Goelkera.

From there, she was sent to MGM Medical College and Hospital in Jamshedpur, around 100km away.

Doctors at the Sakchi heal hub conducted an emergency operation and amputated her left leg to save her life.

One of the attending doctors said that the victim had lost consciousness while being brought to Jamshedpur.

“She was bleeding excessively as both her knees had been crushed. We had no other option than to amputate the left leg,” the doctor added.

The victim’s mother, Mangla Majhian, who accompanied her daughter to the steel city hospital, regretted the fact that no one from the family went to see her off.

“Had we gone with her, we would never have let her catch a running train,” she sobbed.

ASI Sanatan Murmu of MGM police camp said they would record Sukurmuni’s statement once she stabilised.