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Blazing lull before storm

If the sun is singeing, expect it to torment for three more days before the summer saviour storms in sometime next week.

Weathermen have forecast a Celsius sprint for the next 72 hours — with maximum temperatures hovering uncomfortably close to the fretful forty — but have also shared word on a brewing Nor’wester that may trigger lightning, thunder and rain in isolated pockets after the heat spell.

According to analysts at the Patna Meteorological Centre, dominating westerly winds are pushing up day readings. “The rising Celsius may, consequently, lead to precipitation. It is a natural phenomenon and is likely to be the impact of a Nor’wester,” said director A.K. Sen.

On Thursday, the maximum temperature in heat chamber Daltonganj reached 39.4°C, the season’s highest and three notches above normal. The Palamau headquarters had been a tad pleasant at 37°C on Wednesday.

The local weather office in Jamshedpur also recorded a 38.4°C high. The Thursday reading was two degrees above normal. The steel hub had recorded 36.5°C a day ago.

Its altitude advantage notwithstanding, capital Ranchi was not spared the heat. The maximum read 35.5°C against Wednesday’s 34°C.

Day temperatures soared in many other districts like Dhanbad, Bokaro, Koderma, Deoghar, Simdega, Khunti and Latehar. Statistics revealed that the maximum witnessed an abrupt rise in the coal capital and its adjoining areas. Dhanbad recorded 36.5°C against 31°C a day earlier.

Weather officials said the maximum readings would hover between 36°C and 39°C in most parts of the state in the next couple of days.

As the dry westerly winds swept through Bokaro, Jamshedpur and Daltonganj, umbrellas and dupattas came in handy. “Today was the hottest day so far this summer,” said a commuter in Sakchi.