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Thursday , March 27 , 2014
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Three AKs: a gun, a minister & AK-49
Modi betrays AAP fixation

New Delhi, March 26: Narendra Modi today wound up his inaugural poll campaign in the national capital, going full blast at Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi.

In contrast to the tepid response before the Delhi elections last December, today’s crowd was charged and needed no prompting from the dais to cheer the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate.

After including Kejriwal among the three “AKs” out to “destabilise” India at his rally in Jammu, here Modi called the Aam Aadmi Party founder a Congress “proxy” and described him as “deceitful”, “immature” and “irresponsible”.

Kejriwal is contesting against Modi in Varanasi.

Addressing a large congregation in Seelampur, a settlement in northeast Delhi made up largely of migrants from eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar as well as Muslims, Modi accused Congress vice-president Rahul of reducing his “primaries” experiment to a travesty.

“Shehzada killed his brainchild in the womb last night when he changed the Vadodara candidate. Why? Because the first candidate is the son of a Dalit. He was forced to withdraw his candidacy. Is it a crime to be a Dalit? Is politics out of bounds to a person born to a Dalit mother? Shehzada must be held accountable for the injustice done to the Dalits,” he alleged to ear-splitting chants of “Modi, Modi”.

Narendra Ravat, the Congress candidate who was chosen through the primaries in Vadodara, opted out yesterday to allow general secretary Madhusudan Mistri to take on Modi from the Gujarat seat. Ravat was nominated before the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate had declared he would contest from Vadodara, besides Varanasi.

Modi said the impending election was “unprecedented” because for the first time the ruling UPA alliance was coalescing with several other parties to thwart him and the BJP from coming to power.

“This is because people are determined to vote them out. Esteemed political pundits and the voters have accepted all over the country which party and coalition is coming to power. Delhi recently experienced a tumultuous election, leading to a bizarre alliance of Congress A and Congress B. First there was a government the Congress propped up. Then, in order to help the Congress outside Delhi, its B-team forsook its Delhi government and made way for a surrogate Congress rule. The Congress, which was voted out, is back in power through its governor,” he said.

Modi warned Delhi’s voters that helping the B-team was as good as benefiting the Congress but “at the end of the day, the country will lose”.

Without taking names, he recalled how a former AAP minister had visited night shelters after midnight, with “camera-persons in tow”, and had a dust-up with the cops.

“The maturity and responsibility required to handle the challenges of democracy are missing from them. If a person makes a genuine mistake, the country will forgive him. If a person deceives, the country will not forgive him,” said Modi, signing off with an appeal.

“Delhi voters should realise how the Congress feathers its own nests by floating such proxies. They have to learn from their experience and not repeat mistakes,” he said.

Describing the Congress’s manifesto as a “litany of jokes”, Modi said a “sacred” document laying out a party’s objectives, sensibility and social agenda was used by the Congress to “befool” people in the past.

Aware that he was speaking in a neighbourhood of mixed faiths, he alleged that in the last three years, the PM’s special plan operationalised in 90 minority-dominated districts had delivered nothing for the youths.

“The Congress gathers minority votes in the garb of secularism and vote-bank politics. The government admitted in reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha that nothing was done for the youths. Those who filled their electoral coffers with your votes have stabbed you in the back,” charged Modi.