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Monday , March 24 , 2014

Alexander’s horse

We stood in a huddle in a clearing at a state horse breeding farm near Ashgabat, Turkmenistan’s capital, under injunction not to move ‘no matter what’. That injected the right amount of mystery and alarm into the proceedings. Suddenly, without any warning, scores of majestic horses burst on the scen...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Star dust
Sir — Mamata Banerjee seems to have triggered a political downslide by making seemingly sought-afte ...  | Read.. 


The European Union is no more young; but it retains the ability to surprise and shock. In recent years it has lurched from on...   | Read..


One in every 56 candidates has managed to clear a national eligibility test for schoolteachers. Those who sat this test had p...   | Read..
The Third Front
“Democracy in India,” B.R. Ambedkar had noted in a speech in the constituent assembly, “is only a top-dressing on an Indian s...  | Read.. 
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